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What Makes Faraway Bay Special – Eco Tourism

One of the most remote, outback, eco tourism retreats in the world, Faraway Bay combines pure comfort and relaxation, with outback simplicity.

Faraway Bay is a truly unique and awe-inspiring Australian outback experience.

Cocooned in this stunning natural environment, there is nothing to distract you from absorbing the extraordinary sights, sounds and magic of this isolated slice of the Kimberley.

Exceptional Location

Faraway Bay provides visitors with an exceptionally rare opportunity to experience a unique, fascinating and remote area of outback Australia.

The location features a relatively unexplored landscape – perfect for eco tourism.

Here, you will find many highly significant ancient rock art (including some of the oldest Ice Age artwork in the world), Bradshaw Rock Art, archaeological and historical sites, abundant fresh and salt water fishing, stunning natural wonders, and a plethora of wildlife.

Immersed in Kimberley History

The massive pylons at Faraway Bay’s Eagle Lodge once supported the Wyndham Wharf while the power poles once carried the original telegraph line between Wyndham and Halls Creek.

Everywhere you look, there is a story to be told, giving our bush camp a unique and eclectic atmosphere.

We also own a comprehensive research library, so you can browse our catalogue of local flora and fauna, birds, bush tucker and ancient rock art.

Exclusive & Isolated

With no road access, there is no chance of uninvited visitors dropping in. The camp is truly exclusive and only accessible by helicopter or light aircraft. So remote in fact that no regular air service is provided. Air charter flights are booked for each group of guests.

We don’t provide electronic equipment such as televisions or radio, so you can thoroughly immerse yourself in nature, escape, rest and recuperate. There’s also no mobile/cell reception, so you can leave the work distractions behind. A true ‘digital detox’. Plus, there’s no room key to worry about!

High Staff-Guest Ratio

High staff-guest ratio guarantees your wishes are met by attentive and down-to-earth staff.

With comprehensive local knowledge, guiding abilities and bush skills, our staff will take you on a journey of the senses. They will share with you their love of Faraway Bay, leaving you in awe and appreciation of our stunning natural surrounds.

Nature at its Finest

Inclusive in every stay at Faraway Bay is a boat cruise along the magnificent King George River to experience the twin King George Falls. This truly iconic Australian wonder is not visited by any other land-based accommodation and is usually only visible by air. One of the real gems in this eco tourism experience.

Our cruise along the King George River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget, often described as going through an open-air cathedral.


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