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Our Awards

Since opening in 1996, Faraway Bay in the Kimberley has been recognised as one of Australia’s most unique destinations, winning a multiple state and national Australian Tourism Awards. Here are some of our prestigious titles and achievements.

  • 2018 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards Bronze Medal Unique Accommodation
  • 2016 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards Silver Medal Unique Accommodation
  • 2015 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards Bronze Medal Unique Accommodation
  • 2014 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards Silver Medal Unique Accommodation
  • 2009 Western Australian Tourism Awards Silver Medal Unique Accommodation
  • 2008 Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
  • 2008 Western Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
  • 2007 Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
  • 2007 Western Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
    Perth Airport WA Tourism AwardsCat19 Bronze(col) outlinesWA Tourism Awards - Silver Medal
  • 2005 Western Australian Tourism Awards Hosted Accommodation
  • 2004 Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
  • 2003 Western Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
  • 2001 Western Australian Tourism Awards Unique Accommodation
  • 2000 Jaguar Excellence Awards in Association with Gourmet Traveller Innovation in Travel

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