King George Falls - The Kimberley

King George Falls


Included in every stay at Faraway Bay, is a boat cruise along the magnificent King George River to the King George Falls, the Kimberley most magnificent treasure.  This full day tour will leave you amazed and in awe of this natural beauty.

Your trip will take you within metres of the Kimberley’s stunning natural wonder, the breathtaking twin King George Falls, as seen in Baz Luhrmann’s movie ‘Australia’.  The King George Twin Falls is Western Australia’s highest waterfall at more than 50 metres high, with 180 feet of water beneath.

Along the coast to the King George River we travel past Koolama Bay where the Merchant Vessel the ‘Koolama’  was bombed by the Japanese during World War II.  Hear the amazing story of survival and mutiny and the untimely, unfortunate end to the ‘Koolama’.  A part of West Australian history that we rarely hear about.  Read about it  when you return at the end of the day in a book in our Library section, an interesting read to finish off an equally interesting day.

Feel dwarfed by red rock cliffs rising more than 50 metres into the air. And when the falls are flowing, take an invigorating fresh waterfall shower, as the boat edges to within metres of the rock face.  The gorge with its spectacular rocky, towering cliffs rich in colour and formation has been described by one guest as “like being in an outdoor cathedral”, with another gentleman describing it as being “the most amazing experience of his life”. There are some swimming holes along the way that you can have a refreshing swim in at the beginning of the season when there is still plenty of water around after the Wet Season.

The King George Falls are  not visited by any other land-based accommodation and are  usually only visible by air. Our cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.  A stay at Faraway Bay gives you the best of both worlds, a view from above as you fly into Faraway Bay and then a cruise up to the falls during your stay.

Watch Edwina Bartholemew from Channel 7’s Sunrise here, as our boat takes her right under the falls. The experience is simply breathtaking!

Sunrise 3