King George Falls Boat Cruise


Experience the magnificence of the King George Falls with a day trip when staying at Faraway Bay.

We cruise up the King George Falls, stopping off on the way at the historical site of Koolama Bay where the MV Koolama beached itself in 1942 after a Japanese Air Attack. Interesting site of a little known part of Western Australian history.

The trip up the King George River to the Twin Falls has often been described as “cruising through an open air cathedral”, very spiritual with the magnificence of it all. At the beginning of the season there are several smaller waterfalls along the way we visit, with some been able to swim in. Guests lunch up under the falls, for those up for a walk, you can hike up to the top and once there, the view makes it all worthwhile – amazing.

Guests get to fish as well if so desired, we normally drop a line on the way home.

An experience of life time!  A highlight of a Faraway Bay stay for many.