Abundant birdlife


Bird Watching KimberleyBirdwatching enthusiasts or even just those that love nature in general will enjoy spotting any of the 127 species recorded  in and around Faraway Bay. The list has been complied over many years by several guides and also guests that have travelled to Faraway Bay specifically to study and photograph the Birdlife in the area.

Whether you are sitting outside your cabin, in the hammock in the lodge or on one of the many bush walks in and around Faraway Bay you can spot many of the species listed.

Brahminy Kites visit each morning, swooping in for breakfast on the terrace. Double-barred Finches congregate around the lodge for breakfast as well as around cabins close to the lodge. Quails love to hide in the long grass around the cabins and laundry. ‘Bluey’ our blue-winged Kookaburra likes to keep an eye on things around the lodge.

Osprey and  Wedge tail eagles are just some of the magnificent birds guests can see while out on day tours along the coast.