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After so many years of travelling for a living, I’m sure some people think I must have been everywhere. The joy of travel, though, is that it’s infinite. There are always new places to discover, to dream about and to wish for. Right now, I’m starry-eyed about the remote Faraway Bay in the Kimberley, the outback of the outback. I’ve only just discovered that this far-flung paradise exists, and now I yearn for its remoteness and its unique wilderness experience.

People talk about the daunting challenge of accessing this area, but just getting there is part of the appeal for me. To leave the city behind and dive into a pre-historic world, with soaring sandstone cliffs, cascading waterfalls, tidal rivers, sprawling mangroves, sunbaking crocs and dense rainforest teeming with wildlife. What an adventure.

Faraway Bay is perched on a tiny headland, in the northwest corner of our vast continent. They call it a Bush Camp, but this coastal hideaway in the middle of nowhere sounds like the ultimate in rustic luxury. The bungalows apparently disappear into the landscape yet have 180-degree water views, along with a stone bordered pool and an open-air dining room that serves luscious, healthy meals. All this makes me feel weak at the knees with desire to be there and be part of this dream location – apparently it just can’t be beaten.

The owner studied the coastline by chopper, all 350 km of it, to pick the perfect spot. When I get there, and I will, I want to spend my days bushwalking the whole surrounding area, discovering the many Aboriginal rock galleries hidden in the cliffs, or just flaking out under the warm sun during wintertime. Sounds dreamy, sounds good – think I’m going to have to turn this one into a reality.



The only ways in are via the air or sea. Small light aircrafts from Kununurra take you to a private airstrip, then you’ll travel via 4WD to The Bush Camp. Or you can charter a boat and make your way up the coast.



  • While in the Kimberley, why not extend that flight in or out and travel over the Bungle Bungles?
  • Just simply revel in the fact that you can explore an area that is basically uncharted.
  • ‘Dinghy taxis’ are on offer, so you can find your own deserted beach, and they’ll pack a picnic lunch for you.


The Orion (See Summer) travels past here on one of her trips so that’s another good way in.


Faraway Bay, Kimberley