Our Team - The FAB Team - Faraway Bay Kimberley

Our Team – The FAB Team – Passionate Kimberley advocates

With unparalleled local knowledge and bush skills, the staff at Faraway Bay give guests the opportunity to experience the total isolation of the Kimberley wilderness in safety and comfort.

The high staff-guest ratio, results in a highly personalised and caring service.

Your Hosts

Owners Kevin and Kathie make Faraway Bay truly unique.

The couple have  lived and worked in Western Australia all their lives. Lifelong experience in Hospitality, Charter Boats and Fishing Boats.

The Reillys enrich every guest’s stay by sharing their knowledge of the sea and love for the rugged outback.

Expert Guides

The Faraway Bay team includes guides who are highly experienced in outback life and bush survival.

Our local regular guides share their love and passion for the Kimberley with each and every guest. Their aim is to make sure each guest has the ultimate experience  and can leave saying  they had the best time of their lives!

With diverse backgrounds including fishermen, stockmen and mechanics, our knowledgeable and friendly guides ensure guests enjoy this diverse landscape safely.

From knowing where the Barramundi fish are biting, to their heralded camp fire – there’s not much the Faraway Bay guides can’t do!

Our guides are also known for their scientific and research activities, including surveys and papers on topics such as Ice Age and Aboriginal artwork.

The Faraway Bay guiding team includes renowned Kimberley archaeologist Lee Scott Virtue who specialises in Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art, Bradshaw Rock  Art and traditional owner Ju Ju Wilson.


Supplied with the freshest catch of the day and fresh fruit and vegetables flown in from Kununurra, our chef transforms these ingredients into delicious gourmet meals.

This is another of Kevin’s skills and passions – he loves food and enjoys sharing  this passion with all guests, creating amazing culinary delights, always with his Motto ” better to have too much than not enough”

Relax & Enjoy!

Your hosts, guides and all staff  have a number one priority –  ensure your stay exceeds expectations.

From coordinating bookings, to preparing the rooms, one of the helpful staff  are always on hand to ensure your needs are met, including making your morning brew just the way you like it!


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