Tours & Activities

At Faraway Bay you’ll encounter nature at her most immaculate. It’s refreshingly real, larger than life, and with kilometres of coastline and seemingly endless horizons, both the beach and the bush implore you to explore the wonders of the Australian Outback.

Led by our experienced guides, regular bush walking trips take you up close to rare plants, flowers and native animals.

Maybe you’ll spot a dingo, a family of Brolgas or one of the other 140 species of birds that have been identified locally.

Take a picnic lunch to a secluded beach, where you can wander marvelling at the shells and coral. Or just lay back and soak up the solitude.

Head overland by 4WD to bathe in lily-lined billabongs, while birds and butterflies flit overhead.

From the safety of your boat, watch crocodiles, sea turtles, Irrawaddy dolphins, whales, dugongs, manta rays and milk fish.

Since we share the marine environment with saltwater crocodiles, swimming in the ocean and rivers is off limits. But you’ll love bathing our spring-fed freshwater pool.